Alarm functions:
The unit includes safety functions that monitor the status of the pump operation and infusion line, and emit alarms when a problem is detected.

Easy level setting for occlusion pressure alarm (5 levels):
The occlusion pressure is displayed for 90 minutes intervals, enabling the baseline to be confirmed at a glance.

Easily check operation history (maximum of 500 history):
Being able to easily check the operation history helps prevent mistakes such as setting the wrong flow rate.

Input values intuitively:
The desired values can be input using numeric keys.

Prevents misreading of the flow rate and VTBI:
The VTBI (Volume to be Infused) is displayed as blue values, and the flow rate is displayed as large red values. Using a different color and size makes it easier to identify each value.

Lithium-ion battery:
The battery allows continued use for 4 hours with little memory effect