PiCCO Technology is the easy, less invasive and cost-efficient tool for determining the main hemodynamic parameters of critically ill patients

• Bedside quantification of pulmonary edema
• Quantification of cardiac preload
• Several arterial access points inc. for pediatric patients
• Precise, calibrated Cardiac Output – beat-to-beat
• Volumetric preload parameter instead of filling pressures
• Afterload, contractility, volume responsiveness


• Septic shock
• Cardiogenic shock
• Traumatic shock
• Severe burn injuries
• Pancreatitis
• High risk surgical procedures

• The PiCCO Technology combines arterial pulse contour analysis using the innovative PiCCO algorithm with precise calibration via transpulmonary thermodilution
• Arterial access via femoral, brachial and axillary artery
• Application in children / pediatrics with special 3 french PiCCO catheter possible