Perceval is the 100% sutureless valve for aortic valve replacement. It is designed to be highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of surgical approaches, including traditional and minimally invasive.

Carbomedics Aortic Family






Tailored Options For Better Patient Outcomes

With its Carbomedics line of products, LivaNova offers cardiac surgeons and patients a complete set of mechanical heart valve solutions backed by proven, excellent clinical results in over 20 years of published follow up.

The Carbomedics name is intrinsically linked to the historical development of mechanical heart valves. Carbomedics is well recognized for having pioneered and mastered pyrolytic Carbon technology for prosthetic devices in the late 1960s and for having introduced to the market advanced solutions like the first rotatable housing for optimal leaflet positioning and the first totally supra-annular mechanical valve for top hemodynamic performance.

Crown PRT






CROWN PRT is the latest advancement in stented aortic bioprosthesis technology, featuring surgeon-friendly design, optimal hemodynamics and the patented Phospholipid Reduction Treatment (PRT) to bolster durability through mitigation of calcium uptake.

Crowning achievements

• Continuous Innovation
• Long Term Clinical Evidence
• Global Reach

Crowning design

• Smooth handling
• Straightforward implantability
• Ample versatility

Crowning performance

• Optimal hemodynamics
• Minimized patient prosthesis mismatch
• Proven durability

Bicarbon Aortic Family






LivaNova Bicarbon mechanical heart valves have been specifically designed to offer an utmost advanced solution to patients undergoing cardiac valve replacement.
Featuring many distinguished details, Bicarbon valves provide top hemodynamic
performance combined with proven safety and durability:
• Advanced mechanical heart valve platform backed by over 25 years of clinical use
• Design optimized for top hemodynamic performance and low thrombogenicity
• Excellent durability and clinical performance in the long term
The Bicarbon valve is CE Mark approved with an INR management between 1.5 and 2.5 in patients at low risk for thromboembolism* undergoing single mechanical aortic valve replacement.

Pericarbon More






 Exclusive Design Features

• Proven double-sheet design to avoid contact between pericardium and synthetic material
• LivaNova’s exclusive Carbofilm coating for enhanced hemo-biocompatibility
• Soft and compliant sewing ring
• Low, scalloped stent
• Anti-looping protection
• Robust, safe design

Neutralized and Implant Ready

• Neutralized and stored in a aldehyde-free solution
• No rinsing required prior to implant
• Exclusive neutralization treatment aimed at reducing calcium intake

Memo 3D






Memo 3D functions equally well for both ischemic cardiomyopathy and degenerative mitral regurgitation, offering outstanding features and benefits such as:
• Innovative cell-structure design
• Exclusive Carbofilm coating technology
• Physiological behavior
• Ease of implant

Sovering Family






Sovering is a “family” of flexible Carbofilm® coated annuloplasty rings, bands and minibands, which offers excellent features and benefits for a broad range of applications.
The flexibility of the core helps to restore the orifice area, while allowing the natural 3D motion of the annulus during the cardiac cycle.
Flexibility reduces the stress on the sutures, minimizing the likelihood of dehiscence.