Sensation Plus is a technological first in improved hemodynamic support, offering all the benefits of the Getinge easy-to-use IAB fiber-optic technology with the increased clinical effectiveness that larger volume IABs offer. With the introduction of the new fiber-optic Sensation Plus 7.5Fr. 40cc IAB, counter pulsation therapy using fiber-optic technology is now also available for patients from 5’0″ to 5’4″ (152-162cm). The new Sensation Plus IABs represent state of the art IAB catheter design, with greater patient support, comfort and ease-of-use than any IAB catheter Getinge has ever offered. Faster set-up and easier patient management come standard.A new level of support. A new standard of care


Fiber-optic Technology

The Sensation Plus is the newest Getinge catheter that utilizes the benefits of fiber-optic technology. These benefits translate to faster initiation of therapy, easier patient management, crisp, clean arterial pressure waveform and automatic in vivo calibration.

  • Faster time to therapy
  • Automatic in vivo calibration
  • Instantaneous signal transmission
  • Crisp, clean arterial pressure waveform
  • Low-level output capability

Greater Hemodynamic Support

Larger volume balloons like Sensation Plus displace more blood in the aorta during diastole, resulting in improved augmentation and unloading.

  • More blood volume displacement
  • More diastolic augmentation
  • More systolic unloading
  • 40cc for patients 5’0″ to 5’4″ (152-162cm)
  • 50cc for patients 5’4″ (162cm) and taller.

Statlock® IAB Stabilization Device Included

Sensation Plus includes two complete, and ready-to-use Statlock® IAB Stabilization Devices that deliver sutureless securement benefits and comfort to you and your patients.

  • Eliminates suture-securement needle sticks and suture-wound complications
  • Patient comfort and safety
  • Quick and easy application and removal

Ease-of-Use, Advanced IAB Design and Membrane

Only one 0.025″ guidewire is used for inserting the sheath and IAB catheter, so there is no need to switch wires. With only one wire, insertion and application is quick and easy.

  • One guidewire (0.025″) for sheathed or sheathless IAB catheter insertion
  • No step-down due to unique balloon wrap
  • Co-lumen with 0.027″ inner diameter for a reliable pressure transducer signal
  • Proprietary IAB membrane: 43% more abrasion resistance*, reduced insertion force and immediate inflation at start-up * Bench testing completed by Getinge. Data on file. Bench test results are not necessarily predictive of clinical results.

** StatLock is a registered trademark of C. R. Bard, Inc