Welcome to Raymand Rad

Raymand Rad Is a Leading Developer In Innovation Of Treatment Solutions And Infrastructure Functions For Extremely Demanding Hospital Departments.For Over 26 Years,Our Reputation For Advanced Technology And Superior Quality Has Remained Consistent,Making Us a Trusted Resource For Specialists,Doctors And Clinicians… All Over The Country.

Markets and Products:

Raymand Rad Provides High Quality Products Maintenance And After Sale Services To Medical Science Universities, Hospitals And Emergency Medical Centers In The Field Of:

Raymand Rad Co. makes the difference

Raymand Rad is an efficient and entrepreneurial company that has grown steadily since its inception. This remarkable track record is the result of sound business strategies and the dedication of exceptional staff. Raymand started to grow up with the strategy of research. An atmosphere of creativity has been managed   to enable the sales team, engineers and technicians’ handle products and give services in order to improve patient outcomes.


Raymand Rad was founded in 1990 response to the medical community’s expressed need for devices to obtain fast, accurate environment for patients.

Through the years, our business relationship and services continued to grow up and expanded focusing on clients demand.

Our Philosophy:

Raymand Rad is committed to meet the needs of customers, while continuing to build a dynamic, profitable enterprise. Everyone at Raymand Rad whether in engineering, accounting or Sales is committed to the highest standards of innovation, quality, service and performance. And Simply.




Mission and vision:

Raymand Rad Co. as a high experienced medical equipment company is driven by its
vision and mission to transform the treatment of epidemic equipment, includingCardiovascular, Diagnostic, Laboratory, Clinical Care Unit, and NICU from allover the world.We are uniquely positioned to achieve our goal by providingoriginal devices to health care systems in Iran and deliver improved outcomesfor patients. We have achieved up to this point by following our primaryvalues, which are:
  • The high quality and trained personnel.
  • Dealingwith the high standard products & high standard manufacturers from all over theworld.


    The Raymnd Rad in order to enhance quality management and standardization of working conditions and environment is collaboration with BRS Company branch from USA. Raymand rad is receiving the certificates of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, ISO 10004:2012 and ISO 10002:2004. These standards are to create a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services. Raymand Rad is committed to do its duties according to this international standardization using its highly qualified and trained personnel.