The extraordinary flexible, intuitive and powerful ATS System.

Xtra™ auto transfusion system is the complete solution for blood management.

It brings together three decades of experience and improvements in cell salvage procedures, treating more than 0.5 million patients per year.

Ready to meet any surgical scenario: from scheduled treatments to emergency situations and everything in between.

Performance where you need it.

 Consistently high RBC hematocrit and wash quality with standard protocol

Excellent heparin and protein removal

High RBC recovery rate

Quiet and powerful vacuum pump

Specific protocol for fat removal

Flexibility where you want it.

 Flexible choice of intra, post-op and sequestration protocol

Wide range of bowl sizes and disposables to choose from

Low minimum required Red Blood Cell mass to process

Fast processing to manage high volume blood loss

Complete control over your data, printed or stored

Emergency protocol for fast blood process

Intuitive when you use it

 Fast and intuitive setup

Fully automated operation from the start to the end of the caseIntuitive

User Interface with color touch screen, mimicking the S5 and C5 Heart-Lung Machines controls

Refined ergonomics and reduced footprint for manageable procedures


Patients undergoing cardiac surgeries are commonly at an advanced stage and comorbidities such as myocardial infarction, making effective blood products management an essential component of their care. Auto transfusion lowers the transfusion rates during and after Cardiac Surgery.


The rate of allogeneic red blood cell transfusions in non-cardiac surgery settings has been found to be between 21% and 70%, with the majority of authors reporting figures in the middle of the range.  Allogeneic blood transfusion raises multiple challenges

Risk of pathogen transmission

Health/economic costs

Scarcity of resources

Auto transfusion supports clinicians and patients in reducing blood transfusions. What’s more, it is a cost-effective option in different surgical fields.

In orthopedics, auto transfusion is safe, effective and reduces the risk of transmission of infections.

 In vascular surgery, it reduces the risk of allogeneic blood transfusion, the length of intensive care unit and hospital length stay.

In obstetric surgery, auto transfusion is considered to be more effective and useful than the other blood conservation techniques and endorsed by CEMACH, OAA/AAGBI guidelines, the National Blood Service and NICE.

In transplant surgery, auto transfusion can reduce the need for heterologous blood transfusion and the risk of transmissible diseases.