3 Leads Electrocardiograph FX-7102

The FX-7102 is one of the smallest , Compact, Portable and lightest weight ECG units on the market

The FX-7102 features the largest LCD in its class. The large LCD screen allows the user to review real-time ECG

waveforms, up to 12 leads at a time.

The user can select recording formats from 1 or 3-channels. The Automatic Recording Mode allows these selections

as well as the selection of a 1 channel + 1 rhythm lead with a selectable continuous recording waveforms mode.

A standard Internal Memory allows user to store waveforms and measurement/analysis

data for up to 128 examinations.

The LAN port is standard equipped.

An optional built-in battery allows the unit to operate up to 3 hours without being

connected to the AC adapter.