18 Leads Electrocardiograph FX-8400

 The FX-8400 has a large 8-inch widescreen LCD offering unparalleled ease of use for checking patient data, as well as clear, accurate ECG waveforms. And for more effective identification of the presence of acute myocardial infarction, the FX-8400 combines the ACS diagnosis. with two additional functions: Synthesized 18-leads and an ACS diagnosis system. 


  • 8″ wide colour LCD with touch screen
  • Auto capture function to detect noiseless wave forms automatically
  • Automatic lead switching function to optimize R-wave detection
  • Latest analysis software ( optional ) including Brugada syndrome detection
  • Optional synthesized 18-lead analysis function to support ACS diagnosis
  • Support various communication formats, FUKUDA, XML, PDF, DICOM
  • Both Z-fold and roll paper can be set inside the FX-8400
  • Full Qwerty keyboard is provided as standard.
  • Can register up to 4 shortcuts of frequently used functions.You can set configurable functions such as Auto Printing, Manual recording, on/off for filter functions, patient information.
  • Up to 1,000 ECG examination can be saved in its internal memory.
  • USB Port for extra memory(3 Ports)
  • By connecting the optional wireless LAN adapter, communication with the data management system is possible without having to connect cables
  • Dimensions 330(W) x 350(D) x 85(H) mm
  • Weight 4 Kg