Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

VNS Therapy® is your first-choice add-on for restoring wellbeing in people with DRE, because it delivers superior patient outcomes, provides value and is easy to use.Proven seizure control for people living with hard-to-treat seizures, Benefits may include:

  • Fewer seizures
  • Shorter seizures
  • Decreased seizure severity
  • Faster seizure recovery
  • Fewer medications Improved alertness, mood, memory and more

Medication alone isn’t the answer for 1/3 of people having seizures If you’re living with uncontrolled seizures, you are not alone

If you’ve tried multiple medications yet continue to have seizures, it’s time to question your seizure treatment. Seizures that continue even after trying two prescribed medications are considered hard-to-treat or drug-resistant epilepsy. Studies have proven that adding more medications is not likely to control this kind of epilepsy.