VS-1500 will help to diagnose metabolic syndrome or diseases related to life habit.

primary prevention against life-related disease and metabolic syndrome is significant, because the disease may cause myocardium infarction and arteriosclerosis.


CAVI: Cardio Ankle Vascular Index

The Cardio Ankle Vascular Index is the degree of artery stiffness between the heart and ankle. This index is independent from the fluctuation in blood pressure and higher it becomes, the stiffer the Artery is. It is considered that a decrease in elasticity in the Aorta is a parameter that can predicate the ischemic disease and future cardiovascular complication.

ABI: Ankle Brachial Index

Degree of Stenosis, Occlusion in the peripheral Arteries

TBI: Toe Brachial Index 

By using the toe cuff (option), you can measure the toe blood pressure and obtain the Toe Brachial Index. TBI can be used for patient with severe calcification or occlusion in lower limbs, which is hard to detect the blood pressure waveforms.

The report function which is used as a tool to explain the result of the examination to the patient is enhanced. It is possible to print simultaneously a colour report on an external printer (option) and a report from the built-in recorder.

Extend measurement from Vascular to ECG

VS-1500N provides 12 leads ECG in option (VSC-150) that can measure continuously the ECG from the vascular screening measurement. Combining the two gives a total assessment with Plethysmogram and ECG. In the ECG mode, the VS-1500N can display and print 12 leads ECG report with the latest interpretation, Arrhythmia and R-R interval measurement.