Our flagship incubator model, inheriting the highest quality and advanced technology. The quality features as an incubator and superior performance as an infant warmer support enhanced daily care giving.

The next-generation incubator, inheriting the highest quality and advanced technology, supports the future of the field of medicine.

  • The work efficiency of medical staff members is improved

Easy to operate peripheral devices with minimum movement required from a fixed position.

  • Stress from drops in temperature is reduced

The X-ray cassette and FPD* can be set from both sides without opening the admittance panel. (* Flat panel detector for portable X-ray)

  • Prevent risks to Infant

Sanitary structure facilitates easy wiping, helps maintain cleanliness, and helps protect infants from infection.

  • Noise-related stress is reduced

Rotary damper with a silent, gentle tilting operation reduces noise-related stress on the infant.