Easy and automatic vascular analysis for detecting arteriosclerotic macroangiopathies.

Ankle-brachial index (ABI)

Determination of peak vascular closing pressures on all four extremities using a new measuring method (pressurised cuffs equipped with distal photoplethysmographic sensors)

Augmentation index (AIx)

Determination of the brachial AIx and approximation of the aortic AIx at suprasystolic pressure according to the stop-flow method (brachial)

Pulse wave velocities (PWV)

Automatic measurement and determination of central and central-peripheral pulse wave velocities using pressurised cuffs

PWVba (brachial-ankle) by means of simultaneous cuff measurements on upper arm and ankle

PWVao (aortic) using the reflection method under brachial stop-flow conditions

PWVcf (carotid-femoral) calculated from the PWVao

 Aortic blood pressure

Measurement of the central blood pressure from the brachial values by applying a transfer function