A syringe pump with many safety features that meet safety criteria.

  • Safety check with four sensors

Four sensors always check that the syringe is correctly attached to the unit. Accidents that may occur as a result of incorrect attachment or the syringe coming off during liquid feeding are therefore prevented.

  • Real-time occlusion pressure monitoring

The pressure inside the infusion line is continually monitored and displayed as a trend graph over a maximum of 90 minutes. The occlusion pressure level for alarm activation can be set to five levels.

  • Lithium-ion battery incorporated

The pump can run for approximately three hours on a full battery. In addition, the battery can be easily replaced without using any tools.

  • 1% Diprivan® Injection-kit is supported

Since 20 mL and 50 mL of “1% Diprivan® Injection-kit”*, general intravenous anesthesia, can be used, the needs of the anesthesiology, operating room, and ICU can be met. *1% Diprivan® Injection-kit is a registered trademark of AstraZeneca Group.