12 Leads Electrocardiograph FX-8222

 CardiMax FX-8222 comes with a large format LCD screen to display clear ECG waveforms. Device operation is done via the function keys and touch panel. Data can be saved to an SD card, a USB memory, or DMS (Data Management System) via wired or wireless network.


  • Large 6.4 inch color LCD screen with 640 x 480 resolution display
  • Touch screen operation
  • Easy data management and data can also be saved via USB and SD card ports
  • 3 / 6 / 12 lead ECG display
  • 3 / 6 / 12ch recording on 145mm paper
  • Can store approximately 500 examinations of 10-second 12-lead ECG data.
  • In addition to the ordinary network connection via the LAN port, wireless data communication is also possible by connecting an optional wireless LAN adapter to the USB port.
  • Enables either Z-fold paper or roll paper to be set inside the instrument.
  • The optional analysis software (from SD card) enables the FX-8222 to have the latest ECG analysis function. This additional function supports examination by providing multi-view reports and analysis reports.
  • Dimensions 307(W) x 220(D) x 65(H) mm
  • Weight Approx. 3Kg