Infusion pump P-600U featuring simple operations for enhanced ease of use.

  • The infusion line can be easily connected by anyone

When the door opened, the tube clamp closes the tube to pevent the solution in the infusion line flowing out.

  • Easy level setting for occlusion pressure alarm (5levels)

The pressure inside the infusion line is continually monitored and displayed as a trend graph over a maximum of 90 minutes. The occlusion pressure level for alarm activation can be set to five levels.

  • Lithium-ion battery

The battery allows continued use for 4 hours with little memory effect

  • Prevents misreading of the flow rate and VTBI

The VTBI (Volume to be Infused) is displayed as blue values, and the flow rate is displayed as large red values. Using a different color and size makes it easier to identify each value.