The LINEAR 7.5Fr. Catheter

Easier to insert*

Abrasion resistance* in different membranes

Proprietary IAB Membrane provides better performance*

  • Abrasion resistance improved 43%*
  • Improved fatigue resistance*
  • Immediate inflation at start-up*
  • Reduced insertion force* The smaller 7.5Fr. size is ideal for small adults, diabetics, and patients with PVD*
  • Reduced catheter cross section area by 12% vs. 8Fr.*
  • Smaller catheter size allows increased distal limb flow
  • Minimize the size of arterial puncture
  • Ease of insertion in smaller or diseased vessel lumens
  • LINEAR IAB catheter has 43% reduction in insertion

We weren’t satisfied to make it smaller We had to make it better

Smaller profile without compromised performance*

  • Faster gas shuttle performance allows better support of rapid heart rates and arrhythmias
  • LINEAR has 19% faster cycle time in 80º bend test method compared to competitive IAB catheters* Improved sheath
  • Improved sheath to introducer transition
  • Hemostasis valve
  • Twist lock introducer hub
  • Universal color coding for size
  • Wire reinforced sheath