PulsioFlex is a flexible platform with intelligent visualization for advanced hemodynamic patient monitoring. Through modular expandability and the availability of our efficient monitoring technologies, the system is able to be adapted to each patient’s individual need at any time:

  • Meeting your information requirements
  • Matching your clinical setting (OR, ER, ICU)
  • Adapted to your patients risk level


Optimal readability

  • Brilliant 8″ LED color screen with high resolution
  • Dark background and wide reading angle (>170°)

Easy to use

  • Glass touch screen and intuitive user interface
  • Individually adjustable parameter layout

Comfortable handling

  • Minimized dimensions and low weight
  • Flexible mounting and installation possibilities

Future-proof platform concept

  • Modular expandability with automatic module detection
  • Network compatible e.g. print function via hospital network


PulsioFlex® is a flexible monitoring platform optimized for perioperative and intensive care monitoring. It can be adapted to individual needs in order to answer the following questions:

Detection of perioperative and intensive care deterioration of haemodynamics:


  • Is the systemic oxygen supply stable? CO Trend, ScvO2
  • Will an increase in preload lead to a higher CO? SVV / PPV

Pre- and intra-operative volume optimization:


Is the patient adequately filled? CO, preload, lung water, volume responsiveness SVV / PPV

Detection of patients with increased post-operative risk profile:


  • Is there or was there hypoxia? Continuous ScvO2 monitoring
  • Is there increased risk due to liver dysfunction/reduced splanchnic perfusion? PDRICG – global liver function

Post-operative management of hemodynamic complications:


  • Adequate oxygen supply? CO, ScvO2
  • Volume or catecholamines? CO, preload, contractility, afterload
  • Does an increase in preload lead to a higher CO? Volume responsiveness SVV / PPV
  • Risk of volume overload? Lung water

Special risk and function monitoring in liver surgery:


  • Is there graft dysfunction post liver transplantation? PDRICG – global liver function
  • Is the remaining liver function enough to withstand a planned liver resection? PDRICG – global liver function