LiMON is the technology for non-invasive measurement of liver function and splanchnic perfusion monitoring, based on elimination of Indocyanine Green (ICG). ICG is a fluorescent dye. It is intended for intravenous injection. The absorption and emission spectrum of ICG are both in the near infrared and infrared range. For this reason it can be detected and quantified by optical procedures. Measurement can be performed non-invasively through the skin. Due to the fact that ICG is eliminated in the liver exclusively, the detection rate is a valuable indicator for global liver function. The diagnostic importance of the ICG detection as an indicator for the liver function has been confirmed in numerous scientific publications and has been established for more than 30 years


  • Early detection of liver dysfunction
  • Reflects actual liver function
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Available at the bedside

Intensive Care

  • LiMON® immediately detects liver hypo perfusion
  • Superior in predicting the survival probability
  • PDR ICG of less than 16%/min requires intervention
  • Optimized fluid therapy by LiMON® in combination with PiCCO
  • Serves as an indicator of regional perfusion

Liver Transplantation

  • Peri-operative evaluation of graft quality and function to reduce the probability of need for re-transplantation
  • Provides a reliable indicator of graft outcome early after surgery
  • Helps to identify complications prematurely

Liver Resection

  • LiMON® provides decisive parameters in pre-operative risk assessment
  • A low PDR ICG excludes patients from major resection
  • Early identification of post-operative liver dysfunction
  • Predictive power significantly higher than conventional markers

Cardiac Surgery

  • Pre-, peri- and early postoperative measurements of PDR ICG can serve as a predictor of prolonged ICU treatment
  • Goal-directed strategies aimed at improving the PDR ICG can be considered in at risk cardiac surgical patients to improve outcome


  • Valuable tool for the evaluation of prognosis in liver cirrhosis
  • Enables prediction of survival in intermediate advanced liver disease
  • Estimation of functional liver cell mass