The RAMP 200 takes the complexity out of Acute Care Diagnostic testing while still giving you lab-quality results in minutes. This innovative multi-port, desktop reader is plug and play and can be customized to fit your testing needs with the flexibility of testing 2, 4, or up to 6 tests in parallel. With RAMP, there is no calibration, no maintenance and no downtime. Why stress if you don’t have to 


The RAMP® Reader instrument together with RAMP® tests make up the RAMP® Platform.

 a quantitative immunochromatographic system for the determination of cardiac markers and Infectious in EDTA whole blood.

 The RAMP® Platform provides healthcare professionals with a choice of cardiac markers to optimize clinical diagnosis through objective.

Rapid test results with an average time to result of ~15 minutes.

 The RAMP® Reader is light-weight and portable with a rechargeable on-board battery.

 It is designed for use both in the clinical lab, and in locations such as doctor’s offices, hospitals .emergency rooms and on-site emergency response.

  • Can be connected to a computer and printers.
  • The device is Autocalibrated, but if needed, LQC treatment centers will also be performed
  • FDA approved from USA and CE from Europe
  • Ability to store 500 tests
  • Approved by the national Medical Device Directorate IR.IRAN